OnLive is back from the grave. What was once hailed as great tech and the future of gaming, fell into obscurity.

Today, OnLive is relaunching itself with two new services. CloudLift and Onlive Go.

CloudLift will allow you to link your OnLive account to other digital marketplaces. Basically, you’ll be able to sign into OnLive on any device and continue any compatible games that you already own.

CloudLift will link to any compatible game, no matter which digital retailer they have been purchased from. OnLive also plans to sell download codes for these games.

What kind of games will be CloudLift’s line-up? The first slate of titles include Batman: Arkham Origins, Saints Row IV and The LEGO Movie: The Videogame. CloudLift will set you back $14.99 a month and will initially launch with 20 games.

OnLive Go is the other service unveiled today. Go will add cloud functionality to virtual worlds and MMOs. OnLive will be partnering with Second Life.

Besides unveiling two new services today, OnLive also announced a new executive chairman – Mark Jung. You may recognize the name. Jung was the co-founder of IGN before heading to Vudu to become chief of the video streaming service.

“Mark is truly the ideal leader as we prepare to deliver entirely new kinds of cloud services to gamers and business,” says Gary Lauder, OnLive’s lead investor, in a statement.

Time will tell if these two services will breathe new life into OnLive.


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