We are drowning in shooters to play. The past few weeks have seen the release of every setting you could imagine. From the wall-running, Titan stomping of Titanfall 2 to the trench warfare of Battlefield 1. Shooter fans don’t lack for games to play.

If you tire of the futuristic battlefields and just can’t get into Battlefield, there’s another fantastic game that you may have overlooked. Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft quietly released one of the best multiplayer shooters in years last December. Miss the hay days of tactical shooters on console? Rainbow Six: Siege is the answer.

Nearly one year later, and the Rainbow Six: Siege community is still going strong. It ranks as one of the most popular games on Xbox One (note: the Xbox One page hasn’t been updated in awhile. It’s missing Battlefield 1). On Steam, Siege routinely hits peak concurrent users of 10,000+. Yes, it’s not Counter-Strike numbers – but Ubisoft has cultivated a loyal and dedicated fanbase with their tactical shooter.

A DLC plan that doesn’t nickel and dime you to death combined with constant updates helps keep Siege in my game rotation. That DLC continues next month with the release of Operation Red Crow.

On November 12-13, Ubisoft is hosting the best teams from North America and Europe for the Season 3 Pro League Finals. During the S3 finals, the developers will hold a live demo for Operation Red Crow along with “major announcements.”

Developers first teased Operation Red Crow on Twitter a few days ago.

The tweet means, “the time has come.”

The small bits of official information seem to confirm an earlier leak. Last week, leaked footage surfaced showing a two-floor Japanese-themed restaurant. The leaked footage combined with the tweet pretty much confirms where we are headed in the final piece of Rainbow Six: Siege DLC (at least, for year one).

Rainbow Six: Siege Year Two

While nothing has been officially announced, Ubisoft’s marketing points to another year’s worth of DLC. A leaked survey on Reddit in September pointed to the game receiving another batch of DLC. Plus, Ubisoft’s marketing language leaves the prospect of ‘Year Two’ wide open.

The trailer announcing Siege’s Season Pass went out of its way to state the DLC was for ‘Year One.’ Why say that unless there’s a Year Two planned? Maybe one of the developers’ “major announcements” at the Season 3 Finals will be Year Two. With how well received Siege has been in its first year, I would be shocked if it didn’t get another round of DLC.

‘Games as a service’ is how many publishers/developers are pushing games these days. We see it across the board. From Halo 5: Guardians to GTA Online. Keep fans happy, and they’ll keep spending money. You only need a small percentage to spend a lot for a microtransaction system to work. Hell, I buy cars all the time in Rocket League. The key is keeping the ‘game’ portion of the game free. I’ll keep playing Siege and Halo 5 because the maps are free. And the gameplay is outstanding.

What kind of operators do you want to see if Ubisoft opts for ‘Year Two?’

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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