We are less than three weeks away from Sony’s newest exclusive AAA title. The Order 1886 looks phenomenal. The jury is still out on the game itself, but you can’t argue about how damn good it looks.

Sony and the folks at Ready at Dawn released a new trailer today. Take a small peak behind the scenes as we watch how The Order 1886 came to be.

Andrea Pessino, co-founder and CTO of Ready at Dawn describes, “how much more alive a game level should feel,” as one of the distinguishing factors for this generation of games. For some developers, that focus is on gameplay (building tension, etc). For others like Ready at Dawn, it’s how their game looks.

How smoke interacts with the environment, or how wind affects the characters are details Ready at Dawn really wanted to nail.

The developers researched period-accurate materials. 3-D scanned clothes helped Ready at Dawn get the extreme detail we see in the trailer above.

The one thing I wished Ready at Dawn did was add a multiplayer mode. I know not every game needs a multiplayer mode, but I think The Order 1886 could have had a good one.

“You have a truly cinematic, immersive experience with characters that you care about. With environments that blow your mind,” Pessino says at the end of the trailer.

Tell me what you think of The Order 1886? Are you fine with just a single player game? Or, would you have liked to see multiplayer added?


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