It’s a fine line between a gaming laptop and one that’s actually portable. Origin has announced its EON15-S and has found the sweet spot of pricing it under $1000. There’s a but coming. It’s the way of the world. Buyers will take a hit across the board on specs to get the price down to $999 for the cheapest configuration.

The biggest hit is graphics. The EON15-S is powered by Nvidia, but you’re not finding a GTX card for under a grand in a laptop. Not unless it ‘fell off a truck.’ Instead, Origin has the Nvidia 4GB 1050Ti card, a mild speed bump over last year’s model featuring the 980M.

And that’s what Origin says comes with the $999 price tag. The price only goes up from there.

Powering the one-inch thick, five-pound laptop, is the Intel Core i7-7700HQ “Kaby Lake” CPU. That’s a bit of a disappointment considering that’s the same chip in the 2016 model. If you want something a bit cheaper, opt for the i5-7300HQ or i3-7100H CPUs depending on your budget.

Origin eon15-S open

Other options include up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, 6TB of storage, an RGB backlit keyboard and Origin’s “optional custom automotive finish paint to any color or design of choice.” Also known as, buy a better gaming laptop.

One option missing from this year’s model is the high-res screen – you’re stuck with the 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS panel. Not a giant deal breaker considering the card in the EON15-S doesn’t scream 4K powerhouse.

Origin eon15-S side view

Marketing time:

Larger Budget = More Power

If you have the cash to spare, there are other options on the market. One, you could upgrade the hell out of the new Origin EON15-S, or you could opt for the 14-inch Razer Blade at $1,899 which has a GTX 1060. Origin also has plenty of other models to choose from. Then of course Alienware.

I’ll feel old, but I once paid over $4,000 for an old Alienware gaming laptop. The thing was a cinder block with a screen. Now, you get everything you want in a sleek package and under five pounds. If only the manufacturers would end the ‘gaming’ aesthetic, then the circle would be complete. Let me dream.

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