As the highly anticipated launch of OS X Yosemite edges closer, Apple is rolling out a public beta version of the operating system.

How do you get in? The beta build will go out to a million program participants who sign up here. The website has been going up and down throughout the day.

You’ll need to be running OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later, have at least 2GB of memory and at least 8GB of free disc space to use Yosemite.

Also, don’t expect to see the public version get updated as frequently as the developer version.

I know you’re excited to try out Apple’s latest operating system, but you should be aware of a few known issues first. Here’s some Apple has listed.

– Safari may hang when playing certain Netflix content.
– iPhoto 9.5.1 and Aperture 3.5.1 are required on OS X Yosemite. Update to these versions from the Mac App Store.
– When entering edit mode in iPhoto, a black screen may be displayed instead of the selected photo.
– Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing may not function properly when both iPhoto and Aperture are installed.
– The shared purchase history page on the Mac App Store is disabled for Family Sharing accounts.
– iCloud Drive may appear empty in the Finder after first time setup. Restart to resolve this problem.
– AirDrop may not show nearby Macs.
– Sending files to another Mac using AirDrop may not work.

If these are deal breakers you may want to hold off. The final release of Yosemite is expected sometime this fall. Also, the beta is unfinished software. If you have data on your computer you absolutely need, you may want to back it up first.


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