The Ouya was one of the first video-game Kickstarter darlings. But, it never gained the traction from mainstream consumers.

Now, the Android-based microconsole is getting a fresh injection of cash. $10 million from Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It’s not the micro-console Alibaba is interested in, it’s Ouya’s software platform – OUYA Everywhere. According to the report, Alibaba is in talks with Ouya about integrating the company’s library of more than 1,000 games into Alibaba’s set-top boxes.

With China recently lifting its ban on video game consoles, companies are flooding in to tap the massive consumer base. Most of whom, have never played a video-game console. Everyone from the heavy hitters at Xbox and Sony to now Ouya are hoping to make a big splash.

Ouya’s move to license its library of games to other companies for use in their set top boxes is a smart one. It failed to make the big splash in the U.S. it wanted. But, by shifting focus to software it can breathe new life into a company that was on the down swing.

Should a deal with Alibaba happen, it won’t be the first for Ouya. A similar deal was struck last year with Chinese tech startup, Xiaomi.

Who will lead the charge with video-game consoles will be fascinating to watch. While Playstation 4 and Xbox One dominate the Western world, China is a whole different story. Will foreign companies like Microsoft and Sony be able to gain a new foothold, or will it be a Chinese company that comes out on top?


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