Just when you thought you would start tackling your backlog, Overwatch pulls you back in. The game’s seasonal event, Winter Wonderland, is underway. That means new Christmas skins, emotes, highlight intros and more tucked inside a festive loot box.

Overwatch holiday loot box

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the skins available right now.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins

That icy Reaper will be mine.

It wouldn’t be a new event without a new brawl. Mei’s Snowball Offensive is just the thing to celebrate the chilly holiday season. Her Endothermic Blaster is trading a stream of frost and icicles for a single, super-powered snowball. Mei’s Ultimate turns the that single-shot snowball launcher into a semi-automatic deluge of fluffy death.

A patch adding the much-anticipated Symmetra changes (Photon Barrier and Shield Generation) lands alongside Winter Wonderland. Here are comments from the developer about today’s changes:

We wanted to address two main issues with Symmetra. First, on the whole, we felt that she didn’t feel active enough. Second, due to the nature of her Teleporter, she felt weak in certain situations on different maps and game modes.

To address the first point, we replaced her more passive Photon Shield ability with a much more active ability: Photon Barrier. Now, Symmetra can help lead the charge on offense or help shut down a big push on defense by actively blocking damage for your team.

For the second point, we noticed players would often switch off of Symmetra once they found themselves in a situation where her Teleporter wasn“t as useful. For example, when playing her on defense on an Assault map, players often used her to defend the first capture point, then quickly switched to another hero if that point fell. To help her feel more useful in more situations, we’ve given her an alternative to her Teleporter. The Shield Generator is just as important for the enemy to deal with, but is useful in more situations.

The turret changes allow her to rebuild her turret nests faster. Even if all her turrets are wiped out, it’s now easier for players to build them all back up before the next push.

We’re also increasing the range on her Photon Projector to make it easier for her to build up and keep a powerful charge on her target.

Check out the full patch notes for all the bug fixes. The changes to Symmetra should help flesh her out into character that isn’t so situational. We’ll see if the changes are enough.

The Winter Wonderland event runs from Dec. 13 to Jan. 3

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