Say hello to OX, a 4X4 truck you can assemble in 12-hours. Think Ikea furniture with all the frustrations, but you sure as hell don’t want want to shrug at the pile of nuts and bolts left over. It’s definitely not extras or a moment of ‘good enough.’

OX is from Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray. He’s trading in speed for solving the transportation woes of the developing world. It looks awesome. Depending on how you look at it, slice Alabama into its own country and we’re a member of the developing world. With the best damn college football team in the country.

Send me an Allen wrench and let’s see what kind of damage I can do. Gordon is too smart to trust me with assembling an actual vehicle. I promise Gordon. One Adderall and I will remodel a laundry room – long story. Imagine me with an Ikea-inspired truck.

Murray first presented a prototype of the OX for the Global Vehicle Trust, headed by well-known philanthropist Torquil Norman, in 2013. Toss $4 million and three years and we see a tested, more complete version. Do I want one? Hell yes. Not sure why, but it looks fun as hell.

Grodan Murray on OX truck

OX Flatpack Truck

Gathering inspiration from the Africar, a lightweight all-terrain vehicle that saw its rise and fall in the 80s, the OX builds on the idea but adds the flat-pack construction. While the jokes fly about Ikea, flat-pack furniture is one thing. A flat-pack 4X4 is way off the reservation of frustration and Allen wrenches.

The idea holds promise. Shipping the vehicle as a flat-pack saves space. A stock 40-ft shipping container can hold six OX flat-packed vehicles versus two assemble trucks. More units at a lower price.

OX 4X4 truck

That’s music to Gordon’s ears as Africa is the initial target market. The ability to get numbers at an economical price could be a solution to the transportation issues that plague the continent.

Three Dudes and an OX

With three people, OX promises a 12-hour build time. It owes the quick turnaround time to the identical windshield panels and other touches. The three panels are easily replaced and manufactured in a way anyone can place them. Guess Safelite can stick to the states. Won’t need to make a call to have a cracked windshield fixed.

Top Gear has seen the OX and called it unbreakable. The ground clearance alone makes it a great 4X4. The 35-degree approach and departure angle makes me dream of taking one off road.

Global Vehicle Trust estimates another $4 million will be needed to bring it to market, but Murray sees a bigger picture. He wants to see the OX land in SE Asian markets and China. Hard not to see India as a potential target as well as the Middle East. And the United States because I want to build one and drive it around. You can’t say Ikea-like and me not immediately dream of Allen wrenches.

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