Versatile? Portable? Rugged? PakPod nails a hat trick for camera tripods. The latest photographer and videographer Kickstarter craze has me staring at my mailbox in anticipation.

PakPod is the creation of Steve Underwood and Deep Blue Design LLC. It’s all about creating the most versatile tripod on the market. Quick setups and quick takedowns.

It’s all thanks to the patented locking system that allows the legs to fold in damn near any position you can imagine. Twist a single knob to lock them in place. But that’s not even the best part of the PakPod.

No, the stakes will make you want one. The three types offered can secure the tripod into grass, dirt, sand and snow. It’s not just about securing the PakPod to the ground. Each option extends the functionality.

[divider]Standard Stake[/divider]

Out of the box, the PakPod is fitted with pointed ABS stakes. The slotted stakes have a jam cleat to wrap bungee cords through and can fit ¼-20 bolts. The use cases are damn near unlimited.


Trading in the ABS for aluminum, the Quarter-20 stake offers two ¼-20 threaded holes for better mounting options. While the standard stake can handle the ¼-20 bolts, the Quarter-20 offers a more secure option.

[divider]Safe Stake[/divider]

Have kids or maybe you’re dangerous with pointed objects? The eco-green safe stake is ABS with a rounded tip. It also allows you to rig the PakPod to your body. Always use the safe stakes when doing this.

pakpod stakes

PakPod Specs

If you’re wondering if the PakPod is waterproof, the answer is a resounding yes. Watching the Kickstarter video, it’s easy to see the tripod was made with underwater filming in mind.

What about cold weather? Not a problem. You’ll freeze long before it does.

Here are the complete specs:

  • Weight: 15.5oz [440g]
  • Length (Legs retracted): 12.75” [32cm]
  • Length (Legs extended): 17.75” [45cm]
  • Tripod Mount Stud: 1/4-20
  • Thread Tripod Mount Hole: 1/4-20
  • Thread Frame Material: High Impact ABS
  • Stud & Fasteners: Stainless Steel
  • Tools: 3 Hex Head/Phillips wrenches
  • Tie-down Points: 36
  • Stake Length: 3.25” [8.2cm]
  • Leg Max Angular Range: 180º
  • Stake Max Angular Range: 290º
  • Capacity (Legs retracted @ 45º): 11lb
  • Capacity (Legs extended @ 45º): 5.5lb
[divider]PakPod Uses[/divider]

Need to stack two together? It can do that to mount a small tarp to protect camera equipment. Slightly adjust it on the fly? Mini-tools are attached to the frame, so no hunting down your toolkit.

stacking pakpods

pakpod kayaking

PakPod Kickstarter

With 15 days left, the funding goal of $27,000 is closing in on a double. 391 backers have it at nearly $44,000.

What about pricing? If you want the PakPod before Christmas, pledge $99, and it ships by December 5 with standard ABS stakes. If you are fine with waiting, the $79 tier offers shipping by March.

Need all the stakes with your order? $104 offers a complete set that includes a PakPod, the Quarter-20 and Safe Stake sets.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information and pledge tiers. Stay tuned for our review of the PakPod and the different uses in action.

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