We all expected other companies to jump on the battle royale train but damn, these companies could at least spend ten minutes coming up with an original name. Hi-Rez’s hero shooter, Paladins, is getting a new mode called ‘Battlegrounds.’ I’m not kidding.

While the name is most definitely not original, Battlegrounds isn’t a direct rip-off. Sure, it’s a 100 player match with an ever-shrinking zone – but we don’t claim every multiplayer shooter is ripping off Deathmatch do we?

Like Fortnite, Paladins will stand out thanks to the features of its base game. In this case, Paladins is a hero-shooter. Hi-Rez unveiled the new mode during its keynote presentation at HRZ 2018.

Paladins’ executive producer Todd Howard offered a few more details this morning. 100 players will gather loot across more than four dozen outposts. Zeppelins will zip across the sky dropping legendary pieces of gear.

But Paladins will stand out thanks to its heroes. “Imagine a battle royale game that’s designed really from the ground up to be played within teams,” says Howard. “You have supports struggling to keep their frontline alive. Damage champions letting the bullets fly. And flanks looking for any possible assassination.”

The good news is Paladins: Battlegrounds will be free. That warrants at least a try. I doubt it replaces PUBG for me, but the idea of support heroes keeping damage dealers alive in a battle royale match sounds pretty damn cool. Oh, and you can ride your mount across the entire map.

While games like Fortnite and Paladins (soon) are adding their own spins on the battle royale genre, I’m still waiting for a game to take the battle royale concept and add something truly unique to it. I’ve always imagined the Halo franchise taking the Spartan training parts from the books and building a survival/battle royale mode around it.

Paladins: Battlegrounds is coming to PC and consoles later this year.

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