How many months have we endured with the nonstop rumors and official teases from Panasonic? It feels like a damn year, but I bring good news. The Panasonic S1 and S1R will officially be announced on January 31. Again.

Most of the features have been confirmed minus the price. Though it’s not rocket science to conclude the S1 will sit in the $2000 range to battle with Sony’s a7 III, Nikon’s Z6, and Canon’s EOS-R mirrorless cameras.

I’d edge towards the price is closer to $2500. Panasonic still sells the GH5 line and pricing a full-frame in direct competition with the company’s own product line. Then again, who knows? If it prices too high, Sony will take its lunch money. It would have to seriously wow for the price tag to eclipse $2500. And the S1 being the first full-frame mirrorless camera out of Panasonic? Expect growing pains.    

What about the S1R? It’s rumored around $4000. That’s flagship territory, which it undoubtedly is, but the comparisons will be made with the a7r III and Nikon Z7. Both are well under the rumored $4000 price tag, with the Z7 selling for $3500 and the a7r III for $3200. Quite the ask, when according to leaked specs, the main selling point for the S1R is the 47MP sensor.

Panasonic S1 and S1R Specs

First, what we don’t know. The autofocus. All we have to go on is it will be a contrast AF system with DFD technology. On the sensor side, the S1 will be shooting 24MP, and the S1R will sport a 47MP sensor. Both fit the markets they are targeting.

On the lens front, Panasonic is using the L-mount thanks to a partnership with Leica and Sigma. Nothing yet on what those two are bringing to the table, but expect big things.

Panasonic is rumored to be launching its full-frame cameras with three S lenses. A 50mm f/1.4 prime and two zooms – a 24-105mm (rumored f/4) and a 70-200mm (rumored f/2.8). Not exactly a massive catalog, but it’s a safe bet it’s here where Sigma will announce L-mounts or an adapter.

A headline feature for both cameras is 4K60p. Unless Sony has the a7s III in its back pocket, Panasonic is beating the mirrorless competition on the video front. With the caveat, it’s not nerfed with some horrific crop.

Both the S1 and S1R will feature IBIS. At this point, not having IBIS is a bigger story than a camera listing it as a feature. The EVF specs are unknown outside of the company proclaiming it to be industry-leading.

Each will feature a high-resolution mode similar to pixel shift — eight images captured while the sensor shifts. An HLG photo mode is included in both cameras allowing for more dynamic range.

On the camera body itself, users can look forward to dual card slots (1 XQD and 1 SD), a 3-axis tiltable LCD screen, and weather sealing.

Release Date?

March for both cameras. It’ll feel like a fast turnaround, but the S1 and S1R have essentially been announced for months. We are finally getting the real announcement on January 31. Here’s hoping they blow it out of the water. It will force other manufacturers to innovate at a faster pace and prices compelling to the consumer.

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