So, you have the Bisquick pancakes down to a science. Flipping them out of the pan, perfectly golden brown. You have skills. Then along comes technology with a PancakeBot to ‘print’ out pancake designs.

So much for your family looking to you for the perfect breakfast. On Kickstarter, this smart device can whip out pancakes in any design you choose. Feeling a bit Parisian? It can handle the Eiffel Tower.

It also includes your standard heart shapes, making your breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day so much easier.

The PancakeBot includes user-friendly software giving you the opportunity to design your own pancakes. Just trace any picture right on the screen, and PancakeBot does the rest. It can create the files for team logos, product images, a child’s drawing or your favorite piece of art. I’ve always wanted to eat a Rembrandt.

print pancakes

How Does PancakeBot Work?

Once you have your image file from the software, load it via a SD card. The system will use its patent pending batter dispenser. It uses a combination of compressed air and a vacuum to control where the batter is dispensed.

Controls on the device lets you fine tune the dispensing of the batter across the griddle.

If that’s not cool enough for you, how about a little color. Adding food coloring to the batter allows your shapes to come alive. Your kids will thank you. Hell, I’m an adult and I’m onboard with a colorful pancake.

PancakeBot Price

With all the early-bird specials gone, a system will cost you $179, which works to $120 off the MSRP of $299. Of course, this is Kickstarter, so patience is necessary. Delivery estimates are for July 2015 and it will ship internationally.

What do you get for $179? The system comes packed with a commercial quality griddle and the following features:

  • Includes pre-loaded pancake designs
  • SD card slot for your custom designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple user interface to control printing and batter flow
  • Pause/resume
  • Collapsible for storage
  • Mac and Windows compatible software
  • Access to video tutorials and downloadable files ready for printing
  • Approx. print size 16.0″ x 8.3″ (430mm x 210mm)

The Kickstarter has already blown past its goal with 28 days left. Plenty of time for you to make a decision. Just how much do you love pancakes? If you’re me, a ton and are intrigued by the opportunity to ‘print’ a stack.

Your local pancake house just started hating life.

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