It’s meant for reading, but we all know a comfortable chair is destined for a nap. And what better way to ease your day away than in a Papa Bear Chair. And Ottoman. Hey, you have to kick your feet up, and our mom always said keep your feet off the table.

Modernica, the Los Angeles-based furniture factory is behind the latest incarnation of the Scandinavian design. Yep, to buy American, sometimes you have to go to California. Funny how that works out.

Its four-acre campus has been manufacturing furniture for over 25 years creating piece after piece in the family owned and operated upholstery and woodshop. The company is known for high-pressure fiberglass molding. And since 1999, they have used the technique to produce chairs as they were originally created.

modernica papa bear chair

Papa Bear Chair Specs

Handcrafted doesn’t come cheap at $2895. But, the old adage applies. You get what you pay for. Modernica gives you plenty of options for the chair. Thirty fabric color options to wrap the chair’s paws and legs made of North American walnut.

Build time is 6-8 weeks for each order, so don’t expect Amazon-esque delivery. Not everything should be delivered within a day, though damn it would be nice.

modernica papa bear chair in black

modernica papa bear chair fbric

Head over and check out the range of color options. Those with spare cash have a few months before Father’s Day hits, though you may want one for yourself. Netflix should always be comfortable.

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