Packing Paracord. Wasatch Survival Laces Carry the Load
wasatch survival laces with paracord

Paracord. If you’ve even ventured outdoors on a hike, you have at least seen it. Most of us carry it. Why? It’s the ultimate in utility. 550 paracord is packed with 7 seven strands of nylon that can be used for almost anything.

The selling point for paracord has always been survival kits. It can build a shelter, help fashion a weapon or a trap, bandage wounds, etc. All of that is true. It is also great for the ‘oh damn, I wish I had something to tie this off moments.’

Kayakers, outdoor photographers, hikers and the list goes on. We’ve all had those moments. It’s also stupid easy to leave rope, bungees, paracord, etc. at the house.

Wasatch Outdoors is looking to make life a little easier with their Survival Laces. And they expand on what paracord can offer.

The laces are made with the military standard, 550 paracord. Being laces, no extra weight in your pack. Hello, minimalism. It’s not gigantic weight savings, but start trekking 10+ miles in the backcountry. You’ll be feeling minimalistic in a damn hurry.

Anything else besides paracord? Of course, these are survival laces. Flint and tinder are embedded in the laces. The deluxe lace set comes with a full strand of tinder and the Ferro rod.

survival laces with paracord and tinder

You may never use it, but it’s like health insurance. You don’t buy it when you’re in the hospital. It’s a just in case scenario. If you live and breathe the outdoors, having basic survival items becomes your health insurance.

Pricing is reasonable for the laces. Want to replace your sweatshirt lace? The 48” Survival Lace retails for $8.50. Don’t need the embedded fishing line? Opt for the deluxe model with a full strand of tinder at $22.00.

Not bad for the peace of mind. A piece of survival that is always with you. No more forgetting your favorite bundle of paracord. It’s already on your boots. Or your sweatshirt. Hard to beat that.

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