It’s surprising it took this long, but in September, Patagonia will be in the sleeping bag market. And they are destined for enthusiasts looking for anything to shave weight off their hikes or climbs. Each sleeping bag will tip the scales at a pound.

The weight savings is thanks to the ‘wear your parka to sleep’ mentality. You already have the down fill in whatever jacket you have on, so your torso and higher is covered. All the fill focuses on the baffled, ‘elephant foot’ design bottom.

Each bag’s top is from Patagonia’s Houdini windproof material – a 1.2oz, ripstop nylon which is water repellent. The bottom is what we are used to seeing in sleeping bags – a shell made of .85, 15-denier nylon.

Further weight reductions were achieved with a half-zipper on the bottom and draw cords at the top of the insulated section and the hood to seal in warmth.

Patagonia Targets Experience

Most avid hikers will pack an insulated jacket / parka on their trip anyways. Creating a hybrid bag allows hikers to pack a sleeping bag into the footprint of a football.

Patagonia promises multiple versions of the hybrid sleeping bag when they go on sale in September – rated for different temperatures. You’ll have to remember to bring along a similarly rated parka for the upcoming fall and winter trips.

Retail pricing from the outdoor giant has the MSRP on the hybrids at $299. Nothing on the Patagonia’s site currently, but expect that to change in early September.

What do you think? Too late to the party for Patagonia or nice timing for the fall?

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