Looking for a speaker that will make guests jealous? Hult Design gives you the Pavilion. Imagine if Frank Lloyd Wright had been an audiophile. This is what would have happened.

The Pavilion is inspired by some of the most iconic architecture in the world. Not just Wright, but Mies van der Rohe and Ando Tadao can be seen in the finished Pavilion. And we thought sound design was strictly listening to soundtracks. Not anymore…

The Kickstarter campaign is ever so close to its $70,000 goal as the LA-based design team looks to shake up the speaker industry and fix my terrible taste in buying home audio equipment. I’ll submit to the fact I have bought the all-in-one soundbars. Forgive me, I have sinned.

I know what is a devilishly good sin, though. Hult’s design work. Damn. Tired of plastic and more plastic? Hult is too. The base of each Pavilion is made from high-density concrete. That’s not only a design decision. The added weight prevents any acoustic loss from vibrations.

Controls? Varnished oak. Take the $5 remote and seek life elsewhere. The polished copper acoustic spiral is shown off and pairs well with the concrete and wood. Hell, I’m not sure if I should sync my Spotify playlist to it or stare. A bit of both, I think.

Pavilion Speaker Technology

Oh, it’s gorgeous. That’s undeniable. But, at its core, the Pavilion is a speaker. Technology with a side of technology. The system is wireless via Bluetooth. Ever paired earbuds or a wearable? Same concept.

Pavilion speaker features

Each speaker features a 20W full-range driver and the copper functions as an acoustic bass booster. For the audiophiles, the codec on a Pavilion is APTX+ACC. Quality sound won’t be an issue.

Wireless audio turns the Pavilion into a grab and go solution. Either that’s fantastic, or you’ll be wrapping a cable around it when you have guests. Hey, we all have the one kleptomaniac friend.

Pavilion speaker packaging design

Controls are capacitive touch and feature your standard fare. Play/pause, volume controls and a Bluetooth button to pair a device. On the back are two ports and the power button. The ports include an AC charger and an aux port for older mp3 players and wired devices.

Take a listen to the sound quality:

Pavilion Sound System Test from Hult Design on Vimeo.

Pavilion Kickstarter

Ship dates are respectable from Hult. Backers should expect the Pavilions in the mail in May. Pricing is in two tiers, the regular Pavilion at $229 and the Pavilion Q at $279. The difference lies in the finishes. The Q steps up the design by adding copper accents around the waist and the top controls.

Color options keep us from screwing up Hult’s incredible design work. Black or White. It goes with everything, and Hult doesn’t have to worry about some wild request from someone that got locked in a local paint store.

pavilion speaker in white with copper spiral

The Pavilion Kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close in the next few days. I already know I want one. Ok, two.

You’re good, Hult Design. Damn good.

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