Heavy sleeper? Have a mattress that seems to have its own gravitational pull? Hey, no judging from me. Once I discovered the wonders of a sound machine, it was on. Plus tomorrow is Saturday? Oh hell yes.

We’ve all been through it. Tomorrow is a new day. I’ll be up at 5:30 ready to take on the day. Productivity set to max. Let me set the incremental alarms on my iPhone. Alarm sound? Crickets. Yeah, I hate myself.

And then the morning hits. Somehow, I’ve mastered the art of unlocking my phone and turning off the alarms. How I manage to get through the passcode prompt, the subfolder and turn off the specific alarms is beyond me. Let’s just assume I’m that damn good.

Or, we all wake up initially and proceed to sleep with the phone in our hand; button mashing the hell out of it at each snooze interval. It’s official. We have a problem.

Shock Clock by Pavlok

Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. It may not make you a happy morning person, but Shock Clock is determined to get those early-morning wake-up habits down pat.

Three modes train you to go from night owl to morning person in record time. First, the Shock Clock starts with a gentle vibration to rouse you out of bed. Not enough? Step two is a loud beep to wake you up.


And if that doesn’t work? You’ll quickly learn why the alarm clock is called the Shock Clock. The wearable wriststrap starts to shock the hell out of you. Within a few weeks, your sleep cycles are that of the morning person you’ve dreamed of being.

Thanks to a shock wriststrap.

A Smart Alarm Clock Evolution

Launched in 2014, the Pavlok Alarm App was a roaring success. But, it had its limitations. Single alarm, no snooze lockout function, no accountability and it lacked sleep tracking.

The new app being pushed on Indiegogo? It answers all those concerns. Set multiple alarms to remind yourself of your schedule. Who is putting down family dinner in their alarms? If you hate eating with your family that much, the feeling is probably mutual.

pavlok shock clock

My favorite feature and one that is sure to irritate the hell out of the recipient? The accountability setting. Give your friends, family or significant other access to waking you up. No more switching the ringer off. They can zap you awake.

Husbands and boyfriends everywhere are going to hate life, but you’ll be awake. Take the glass is half full outlook.

Shock Clock Indiegogo

Sitting north of $54,000, the Shock Clock is taking aim at the stretch goals. At $125,000, the accountability feature unlocks to allow friends to shock you. Or, you can pair it with Facebook and let the world take turns driving you insane.

Pledge tiers vary on what you want. If you want one right now, the $129 tier allows you to get access to the Shock Clock right away Any features unlocked through crowdfunding will be available in September.

Want to sleep in for a few more months? The $99 special is available and comes in your choice of colors (pink, blue, black gray or red). A couples pack is priced at $155, and you and your partner can take turns zapping the hell out of each other.

Learn more about the features in the Shock Clock on the company’s campaign page.

Pavlok Success

Already on the market, the Pavlok wrist trainer has been used to break various habits – nail biting, too much TV, sugar and the list goes on.

It can even zap you when you’re wasting time online thanks to a Chrome extension. The answer to Internet ADHD – maybe. I don’t think Pavlok understands just how far down the Internet rabbit hole I go.

Pricing for the original Pavlok is $169 and can be ordered today on the company’s website or Amazon.

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