Pay Once and Done. Apple Shines Light on Games With No In-App Purchases
pay once apple games

Check out Apple’s App Store today. You’ll notice something different. In the featured area, Apple is showcasing great games that you pay only once for.

Popular games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, XCOM, BioShock, Threes!, Minecraft and more are featured. Most of these are priced around $3-5, but ports of console games stretch towards $15.

The selection of games is on the ‘Featured’ tab on the app store under ‘Pay Once & Play: Great Games with No In-App Purchases.’

Apple’s move to highlight games with no in-app purchases comes after the company made a small change to how free apps are displayed in their app store. Last November, Apple changed the download field to say ‘Get’ instead of ‘Free’ for free apps. The change affects all free apps, but it was specifically targeted at apps that charge in-app purchases.

The majority of popular ‘freemium’ mobile games use in-app purchases in some form or another. These games are specifically designed around getting people to spend money. Usually, in the form of extremely slow progression. Want your base to get done a little quicker? Buy some ‘gems.’

While it’s nice for Apple to give these games some spotlight, the App Store is dominated by freemium games. 8 of the top 10 top grossing apps are freemium titles. Here’s the top 10.

Clash of Clans
Game of War – Fire Age
Candy Crush Saga
Pandora Radio
Big Fish Casino
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Boom Beach
Spotify Music
Hay Day
Farm Heroes Saga

You already know two of these games are making insane amounts of money. Clash of Clans and Game of War had Super Bowl commercials. That’s right, the only video games to have Super Bowl commercials were freemium mobile titles. That’s pretty crazy.

It’s cool Apple is featuring some more ‘traditional’ games, but the top 10 above shows freemium games will always have a home on the App Store.

Have you ever played any of the ‘freemium’ titles above? Did you spend any money?

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