Big brother and a transmission point for bird flu all in one. And they say tech isn’t disruptive. If you are afraid of the man or a germaphobe, you won’t like this new piece of technology. Paying for products via vein scanning of the hand. Sounds like an idea from a Blade movie.

Quixter is the startup behind the new technology that allows you to punch in the last four digits of your phone number and scan your hand. The Swedish company already has 15 stores using the tech around the Lund University campus, with 1,600 palms being swiped. Yep, sounds sanitary to me.

Somewhere Ron Paul and his son have a single tear running down their cheeks.

It works by scanning the unique pattern of blood vessels in your hand. To get started, it’s an identity thief’s dream. You hand over your social security number and phone number, then scan your hand three times. That’s all it takes to put you into the system so you never have to grab out your wallet again. Purchases build up on an invoice and your account is auto-debited twice a month. A whole new meaning to ‘put it on your tab’.

The idea of using body parts for payments isn’t new. Eye scans, fingerprint readers and now vein scanning. Forget your wallet and still pay with ease. It also makes it harder for thieves to get your money. Unless they go all Game of Thrones on you. In which case you’re probably not worried about the fraudulent charges. Health priorities tend to kick in when you’re missing a hand.

It is an interesting piece of technology, but the cell phone wave and other tech will probably take precedent.

Regardless, payment processing should be disruptive from tools such as this. Even if it doesn’t go mainstream, the idea of a building invoice is a great idea for stores that you frequent. Below is a video of Quixter in action.


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