What do you do when you are worth a few hundred million dollars? Add to the pile of cash, of course. Taylor Swift is striking while the iron is hot. The pop singer released a mobile app as a companion to her Blank Space video.

Before you fly into a fit of rage and think this is a Kardashian-esque app, it’s ok. The app, dubbed ‘American Express Unstaged Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience’ has you following along in the music video. How much did American Express pay to have its name first?

The video is below, but the premise is you explore the mansion from the music video. There is a bit of gamification involved in the app. You scavenger hunt to find 41 different objects in the time the music video plays.

Controls are the basic fare. Tap the screen to move about the mansion, and your progress saves. You can replay the video as many times as you want to find that elusive 41 objects. No word if this causes mental issues from repeated playthroughs.

While microtransactions are missing, there are call-to-actions for Taylor Swift’s new album and ticket sales for her upcoming tour. Behind the scenes of the music video are also included.

For an app, it’s actually some smooth marketing. It’s free, and continues to get her second single out there, and her 1989 album in the news. If Taylor Swift ever wanted to become a billionaire, she could easily recreate the Kardashian game for the blatant money grab.

You’ve probably already seen it or heard it blasted through your radio, but here’s the song and video the app is based on.

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