Say hello to Peak Design’s ninth Kickstarter project, the travel tripod. Yeah, it’s the project currently clogging your Instagram feed. The company born from Kickstarter is now a tripod company. And they came to play.

Name your biggest complaint about camera tripods. Besides, they can be a royal pain in the ass. We all know and understand. They have a ton of wasted space. And in the always on the move world we live in, space is a premium. Peak Design’s answer is a compact tripod which can fit inside basically anywhere. And it looks damn good. Come on fellas, we know you’re offering carbon fiber for a reason, and it’s not to shave a pound of weight. It looks cool.

Why Peak Design’s Tripod Over the Field

The biggest is the compact design. No protruding knobs. Professional performance in half the size. No dead space. The company’s gif says it all.

Next, it’s easy to use. Hate your current ball head mount. No problem, because the company improved upon it with a single adjustment ring. Hey, no more fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out where the hell the adjustment knob is hiding. That’s a bonus.  Also, there’s more freedom with three portrait mode cutouts instead of one.

What about compatibility? It’s Arca Swiss compatible, so you’re good on immediately locking your camera body securely in place. Love telephoto lenses? So does the travel tripod with the 20-pound weight capacity.

One nice touch is the counterweight hook. Remove it, and you have a phone mount right there. Perfect for those who may not want to pull out all the gear for every photo or video.

Versatility is another feature of Peak Design’s take on the tripod. Are you feeling a little Top Gun-ish? Go inverted for macro and product photography. Maverick would be proud. Want ground perspective shots? A couple turns with the hex wrench, and the tripod is in it’s low mode.     

Peak Design Kickstarter Details

Standard Kickstarter disclaimer applies, but Peak Design has campaigns down to a science. The company was looking for $500,000, but with 56 days left, the total raised has eclipsed $4 million. Deliveries are expected in time for Christmas with pricing based on two variants. The Aluminum Travel Tripod is $299, while the Carbon Fiber is $479. Add-ons include a $25 universal head adapter and a set of spike feet for $25.

Head over to the campaign page to learn more and become a backer if you’re looking for a great Christmas present.

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