When the press outreach called Peak Design’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign the Ocho, you can’t expect me to avoid the Dodgeball jokes. The company built by Kickstarter with its assorted camera gear is back tackling the luggage niche. Peak Design was looking for $500,000. 52 days left in the campaign and it’s sitting just under $2 million. Give us that marketing goodness:

The company is a Kickstarter veteran and knows its community. After launches of various camera bags, now is a perfect time to unveil the gear for getting you to your destination. You can see how the company’s obsession with photography inspires the travel line, but the setup is easily used by someone on a weekend trip home.

Travel Backpack

It all starts here with a 45L backpack that’s weatherproof, has multiple handles, pickpocket deterrent zippers, and a waist belt in case you’re all in with packing your entire studio. Yeah, we all know that one person who decides everything must come along for the trip.

Peak Design’s travel backpack is carry-on approved so no worries with it being checked at the gate. Dual side access gives you quick access to your camera for those impromptu moments. An extra handle allows it to be carried as a duffel. The ubiquitous laptop pocket is divided to fit a 15-inch laptop and a tablet.

Packing Tools

The backpack would have been enough for Peak Design’s community, but there’s more. Alongside the backpack will be a series of packing tools, divided into cubes and pouches. That’s the politest way I’ve ever been told I’m disorganized.

Packing Cubes. Designed to handle bigger loads and fit inside the primary volume of the backpack. Cubes are intended for both expansion and compression zip. A separate dirty clothes area is in each and can be bought in small and medium sizes.

Peak Design Kickstarter

Camera Cubes. Did you think Peak Design wasn’t going to put their organizational skills to the test with cameras? Shame. Available in three sizes, the company has a handy comparison chart of what each can carry. A small camera cube can handle a mirrorless body with four lenses, or a DSLR with two lenses. For the drone nerds among us, a small cube can easily pack the DJI Mavic Fly More Combo.

Medium cubes step it up with room for two mirrorless bodies and eight lenses, or a full-frame DSLR with an attached 70-200mm and six additional lenses.

Large is basically everything you own, but for comparison’s sake, it can hold two mirrorless bodies + one telephoto lenses with eight additional lenses, or your Phantom 4 Pro kit.

Packing Pouches. First up is the tech pouch. 21 pockets of evidence we have way too much stuff. Peak Design’s take on the tech pouch is organizing our digital life in a weatherproof pouch which can sit and stay upright for easy access.

The wash pouch has damn near everything it needs to dethrone a lot of dopp kits. Same rugged construction combined with features you didn’t know were must-haves. Magnetic toothbrush pocket? Sure. External razor pocket? Handy. Its ability to sit upright? There is a higher power out there.

Peak Design rounds out the travel line with a show pouch and rainfly for those times you want absolute protection from the elements.

Peak Design Travel Kickstarter

The company has a pristine record with Kickstarter making the ship dates something you can have confidence in. If you only need the backpack, the pledge tier prices at $235. Need the packing cubes and pouches in a travel bundle? $399. A travel bundle + a small camera cube? $429. Need everything? $549 and you’re set.

Head over to the campaign page to learn more about Peak Design’s latest endeavor.

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