How do you know when a certain food has jumped the shark? When it somehow ends up in a deep dryer. Yeah, the culinary world has run out of ways to give the masses their pumpkin spice lattes, so a collective ‘to hell with it’ has risen up. You can now deep fry the concoction.

You may be asking why would you want it deep fried? That’s the wrong question. We live in America, the proper question is, why the hell not? Granted, the idea of a pumpkin spice lattes is as divisive as an election year. Some, for whatever reason, look forward to its return every fall. Others are nauseated at the mere mention.

Luckily, the good people at, a freakin awesome name for a food blog, have you covered. Yeah, you can’t order this at Starbucks, so you have to go into that room most of us refer to as a kitchen. That thing with the knobs? No, the other one. That’s your cooktop. You’ll need that too.

First thing you’ll need is an actual pumpkin spice latte. Better grab a couple if you’re a fan. Expecting you to drive home without consuming one is asking too much. Plus, you’ll need a pound of pound cake. A normal loaf should do. Cinnamon and sugar for the dusting, and whipped cream for dipping. Ohbiteit uses canola oil for frying, but if you have vegetable oil, you’re fine. It’s not like you’re going for a health record.

From there, just follow the instructions on the site and you can have your very own pumpkin spice latte bites. YMMV on if you like how this tastes, but at least you can impress your friends with the culinary achievement.

Be sure to browse Ohbiteit. Easily my new favorite food blog.

Img Credit: Ohbiteit


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