Mr. Shelby, it’s been too damn long. Season two of Peaky Blinders wrapped in 2014 and here were are deep into May and finally getting our first look at the season three. Yes, our friends in the UK are enjoying the season right now, but those of us on this side of the pond have mere days to wait.

It’s what I love about Netflix. There are no teaser trailers for shows that are a year out. No, here’s the trailer and it releases May 31.

The Shelby family is back in action. Tom Hardy looks like his crazy self. And the soundtrack? Damn, I didn’t think it gets any better than Red Right Hand as the intro, but I love the season three trailer song.

The only downside? We get maybe six or so episodes. It’s how the UK works. But damn if they aren’t all quality. I’d say this would hold me over until the second season of Marco Polo, but May 31? You’ve just been marked down as a sick day.

Peaky Blinders netflix trailer and release date

For those who haven’t seen Peaky Blinders, it’s time to call in sick and binge Netflix for the day. You won’t be disappointed. Except when you watch the upfront trailers for fall television here stateside. Hey, a Lethal Weapon show. That’s just what everyone was clamoring for…

You should avoid UK media outlets if you don’t want to be spoiled. Plus, there have been near constant complaints about muffled dialogue during the first two episodes airing on BBC. It will be something to watch as we edge closer to its US release.

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