Perfect Wall House is Home Construction Done Right

Perfect Wall House Rauser Design
Rauser Design

Leave it to Texas-based architects at Rauser Design to aim for both design and build quality. The Perfect Wall House project traces its roots to forensic engineer Joseph Lstiburek.

He’s known as the ‘Sherlock Holmes of home construction’ and is often referred to as the ‘dean of North American building science.’ What the man says is gospel when it comes to quality home construction. Joseph Lstibruek is the go-to person on sustainable housing.

Perfect Wall House

Using his ideas, the principals at Rauser Design have built a house that should stand the test of time. Almost all the building materials are located on the exterior. How sealed is the home?

The outer shell is corrugated metal siding, a rain screen layer, two layers of foam insulation, particle board layers, a combination air, water and vapor barrier and a thin layer of pine.

Perfect Wall House Exterior Rauser Design

Seriously, the next step was to hermetically seal the thing, but aesthetics won over that option. The exterior gives way to the interior which pulls in a ton of natural light. The exposed joints of the exterior build allow for enough built-in storage to satisfy the most dedicated of hoarders.

Rauser Design opted for natural wood floors and black fixtures to offset the white colors throughout the home.

Perfect Wall House Interior

Perfect Wall House Kitchen

Perfect Wall House Bedroom

Perfect Wall House Living Room

Perfect Wall House Bathroom

Perfect Wall House Fireplace

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