PetCube is back with a new product offering. Now instead of seeing just how much my border collies ignore their dog beds in favor of the couch, you can toss treats at them via the PetCube Bites app. Yeah, that won’t make a neurotic border collie sit in awe of the magic box for hours. He doesn’t have to herd it, and it constantly throws snacks. What magic is this?

He’s sweet as long as you’re not with UPS. The dog really does not like brown trucks. Or crows. He’s evidently a member of the Free Folk too.

Jokes aside, the Petcube Bites Treat Cam is for owners looking to keep an eye on their four-legged mini human wrapped in fur. Want to watch them catch a mid-morning nap? You can in 1080p. Along with their early afternoon nap.

Those with destructive puppies can watch them devour your couch in real-time or use the two-way mic to plead with them to stop. This is the part where the treat catapult comes in handy. Distract them with snacks or the couch gets it. Sad truth is the couch is still getting gnawed on. Trust me. Two border collies separated by two years in age. One chewed through a couch, the other (blue demon pictured above) ripped through every chair in the dining room. And a porch.

PetCube Treat Cam Features

Picking up with their past Kickstarter success, the Treat Cam builds on the PetCube Cam by being sleeker and feature-rich. It’s onboard camera records and livestreams in 1080p with a 138-degree field-of-view.

petcube bites tream cam features

Those wanting to zoom in on our buddies can do so with the 3x digital zoom, or opt to see what they are doing at night thanks to the night vision capable sensor. Besides taking up my bed? Lightning likes to eat dinner at midnight because he can, but other than that, you’ll find both border buddies snoring.

And because we all know it’s impossible to be mad at the fellas, PetCube has smartly integrated social sharing of the madness. See your dog on the recliner taking it easy? That’s going on Facebook. The couch a mangled mess? Instagram worthy. Your bank account won’t like buying new furniture, but you get to enjoy the amusement of watching it happen. Besides, we all need a new couch at some point.

Pricing for the PetCube Treat Cam is $249 and is available on Amazon. It’s a preorder, but the release date is July 24. A couple of days and you can sit around using the PetCube as a modern-day catapult to mesmerize your dog or cat.

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