First, you’ll need coffee. Seriously. Coffee. Lots of it. But for an authentic Peter McKinnon travel experience, you can buy his new Camera Pack, which is currently storming Kickstarter. He partnered with NOMATIC to create what he calls the best camera/travel bag created. And he should know. The man has a basement filled with various bags. 

He does a brief intro of the bag and his thought process on his channel before pushing the Kickstarter campaign.

Need more b-roll? Of course you do.


Ha, anyone who gets excited over details like zippers is a win in my book. What makes the bag stand out is the Cube Pack. You’re not only getting one bag, but a second one to toss the basics in and get out there and create. 

The bag was created for any type of photographer with the ability to pack more gear or clothes depending on the situation.

Accessories include a lens filter case, battery case with room for three batteries, a memory card case, and a catchall accessory case with dividers. Yeah, there are a lot of cases involved. Perfect for the OCD photographers among us. 

My favorite feature of the bag? The subdued branding. Most YouTube personalities have a tendency to Gucci the hell out of their merchandise. Peter? Not so much. A simple signature on the bottom with his secondary pirate flag on the interior. Clean and doesn’t scream you have Peter’s bag. 

Peter McKinnon X Nomatic Kickstarter

Here’s the part where I usually do the Kickstarter disclaimer. But, it’s NOMATIC, a company born on Kickstarter. Add in a YouTube personality for more credibility. And then there’s the completion of the hat trick with the campaign raising $1.4 million with 19 days left. Yeah, your pledge is good. 

Price. Like all campaigns, it depends on what you want. Need only the Cube Pack? It’ll set you back $115. Most will want the Camera Pack and Cube Pack, which costs $398. Those needing everything which includes both packs and all the accessories will need to pledge $510. 

Delivery. Supposedly patience is a virtue, but damn seeing the bag makes me want it now. Unfortunately, those who pledge during the campaign will have to wait until April 2020. Hey, just in time for a spring trip to capture more than your share of bangers. 

Head over the campaign page to learn more.

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