Ever wonder what the difference between a $1000 and a $6000 DSLR camera is? Peter McKinnon is on the case, explaining the difference between the two. He mentions an $8000 price tag, but the Canon 1DX Mark II is $6K. No worries Peter, it’s still a great video.

Yes, subscribe to his channel if you’re remotely interested in photography or videography. Or just like well made YouTube videos. Peter’s channel has exploded in popularity in recent weeks thanks to tutorials people want to watch and answers the common question of ‘which camera do I buy?’

In the video, he compares the Canon 80D against the 1DX Mark II. He should have titled it the camera you have versus the one you want.

What makes the 10-minute video great is his easy going style. You won’t get hit with bullet point list of the specs. He simply shows you the comparison between the two. It’s not about which is better – the 1DX is easily the better camera from a filmmaking standpoint. What he is showing you is that you can start at a lower price and still get amazing stills and video.

peter mckinnon on dslrs

Maybe not 4K in the 80D – seriously Canon? Sony packs 4K in a damn point and shoot for the same price. McKinnon’s goal is to show you the amazing b-roll footage he has in every video can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Yes, some will say $1000 for a camera is absurd and $6000 is insanity. Let’s all realize we pay north of $700 per year or every two years for a smartphone. Spending a bit over a grand on a prosumer camera will make those Instagram uploads even better. Especially if you learn Lightroom versus the Instagram/Snapchat filters.

The video is great insight into the capabilities of a prosumer model priced at a grand and what you get when you get a professional DSLR that doubles as an anchor. They have some serious heft.

Make sure you subscribe to his channel and have a look around. Especially him racing a pair of Porsches through Italy. Damn brother. Nice gig.

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