Everybody hates the dentist. We all stick to the dentist recommended regimen and brush twi.. once a day… Floss… Ok, let’s just agree we all despise the dentist.

What about our mini-humans wrapped in fur? Yeah, the one chilling on the couch instead of his ridiculously expensive dog bed. He’s not a fan of heading to the vet or having you take a toothbrush to him.

The makers of Supersmile, the teeth whitening company, have developed an easy to use toothpaste that can keep your dog’s teeth clean and that dog breath at bay.

Petsmile Toothpaste has been endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) for its safe way to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup. The VOHC found that with regular use, dogs had ‘significantly’ less plaque, better oral health and fresher breath.

Will it keep them from regular trips to the vet for a teeth cleaning? No, but it’ll make those trips fewer and easier on the beasts. It might actually stop my two border collies from glaring at me every time I grab the leash. You traitor… We’re not going to park, are we?

Petsmile Toothpaste

The easiest way to handle the toothpaste is to incorporate snacks into the mix. I would still recommend you take your dog for a deep clean unless you can convince them to let you use a toothbrush on them. Petsmile also offers applicator swabs to apply the toothpaste.

Me? I hit the easy button. Slather a bit on their favorite dog biscuit and mission accomplished. Going the snack route is for touch ups. They will still need a deep clean to start with and on a regular schedule.

The benefits of Petsmile is that it gives your dog a whiter smile. We all knew the makers of Supersmile were not about to leave teeth whitening off the list of benefits.

It works on contact to dissolve protein pellicle on their teeth to prevent the formation of stains, bacteria and plaque. Regular use helps prevent ‘doggie breath.’ Sorry, Lightning. I didn’t want to point fingers.

Petsmile Verdict?

Treat it as maintenance oral care for your dogs. We don’t pretend we are dentists, despite the fact we buy enough unused floss to qualify as hoarders. Same goes for the beast. Eventually, we all end up going to a professional.

Petsmile allows you to keep the fresh off the vet table clean with ease. Particularly with the snack method. It’s miles easier convincing Thunder and Lightning on the Petsmile snack than the $300 memory foam dog bed is actually their bed versus them claiming mine.

A 4.5 oz tube of Petsmile retails for $25, and a pack of 50 Applicator Swabs for $9.

**Review sample provided by Petsmile**

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