Yoda would be proud. Do or do not. YouTuber Tom F went the route of challenging himself to make a Star Wars: The Phantom Menace trailer into something you damn near get hyped for.

And then we wake up. We remember…

Phantom Menace modern trailer the force awakens

It’s slick editing coupled with The Force Awakens score. Blend it together and you’re almost searching Fandango for tickets. All the podracing. Jar Jar Binks. Yeah, I wish the fan theory of him being the true Sith Lord was true, but no way Disney / Lucasfilm take that route.

What Tom couldn’t paper over was just how bad the CG has aged for the film. The scenes of Coruscant and Naboo are atrocious. And the droid army. To think, I went and saw this movie multiple times as a kid.

In the end, Tom shows the power of editing in trailers. What you think is going to be an epic turns into you walking out two hours later shaking your head in disbelief you actually wanted to see that.

Fan-Made Star Wars

Tom is quite prolific piecing together films and setting them to the Episode VII’s score:

Empire Strike Back wins easily. Tom, you have more patience than me, brother. Keep fighting the good fight.

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