PhotoMath – Gift from the Gods. Answers Math Problems Via an App
PhotoMath App

Well, here’s something that has the potential to be a great tool. It also will have teachers scanning the room looking for kids with smartphones out. Granted, as big as smartphones are getting, they are hard to miss these days. Don’t judge me if I’m talking into a Kindle-size smartphone.

PhotoMath takes your camera on a smartphone and scans simple linear equations and other math problems in. Sorry theoretical calculus students, you’re on your own. Besides, if you’re taking that, why the hell do you need an app? You are an app.

Obviously, you need textbooks to scan the problem in correctly. Handwriting is only getting more atrocious. From there it can walk a student or parent through the process of solving the equation. Great tool for those wanting to learn, and parents realizing they didn’t file away that math knowledge for raising children.

One area of concern is that the app would be used as a crutch for students looking to fly through homework and settle in for some Xbox. Solving equations is a learning process. PhotoMath has the potential to both aid in that process, and skip it entirely.

It is up to the students, teachers and parents to make sure the app is actually used for good in the world.

For those looking to download the app, it’s available on iOS and Windows Mobile. Android is slated for early 2015. Someone scanned the wrong market share on the app. Android and iOS first, then Windows Mobile.

Check out the video showing off the app below. What do you think? Great news for math students, or the bane of math teachers everywhere?

PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.

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