We got it, Disney. You need an extra billion in the bank. 2017 will end the six-year hiatus of the Pirates of Caribbean franchise with a fifth film: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It’s a teaser trailer and if you’re expecting Johnny Depp in the trailer, let me burst that hope right now. He’s on a wanted poster, and that’s it.

Hey, the six years was worth it. It made us forget how bad the fifth film was. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (that needs a catchy acronym) reminds of what we loved in the first slate of films. The mix of horror and fun hits all the right notes.

In the end, you’ll notice some serious CG. Actually, the entire trailer is loaded with it. But it works because it’s not exactly plausible to build real-world props in this situation like Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Pirates of the Caribbean Story

The base premise is Jack Sparrow is a wanted man. Essentially the same story throughout the first four films. In the fifth installment, Sparrow is wanted by Captain Salazar, who tells Brenton Thwaites’ character to find and relay a message to Jack.

Disney had me going for a full on darker take until the end when Captain Salazar breaks his menacing character when he reinforces his demand by asking politely. That part feels tacked on by Disney to make sure the millions who watch the trailer know Pirates isn’t giving up its corny part.

The YouTube comments on the trailer are hilarious. Make it past the trolls, and you’ll find gems such as ‘Same trailer as the iPhone 7…. No Jack’ or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: No Country for Dead Men.’ Well played Mark.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 teaser trailer

Pirates of the Caribbean Music

You’re thinking Hans Zimmer, right? Me too, but it’s his protege Geoff Zanelli. You’ve heard his work before on films such as Pearl Harbor and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Disney 2017

The studio is on pace to have one hell of a banner year. March 17 is the release date for Beauty and the Beast. It’s followed on April 21 by Born in China. Kicking off the summer tentpole releases is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on May 5. Pirates hits theaters on May 26 for the Memorial Day weekend.

Need another animated hit? Cars 3 will park in theaters on June 16. Disney’s second MCU film for 2017 will have the most hype: Spiderman: Homecoming. Can Disney resurrect the franchise now back under its control?

The studio takes a breather until fall which will feature Thor: Ragnarok on November 3. And we finally get to hear Luke Skywalker talk in Star Wars: Episode VIII on December 15.

Disney prints money at the box office at this point. The only potential misfires on the list are Pirates and Thor. And I’d lean towards Thor being a runaway hit thanks to it being a critical piece in the run up to the next Avengers.

Sound off below on the teaser for Pirates 5. Were six years long enough to get the hype train back rolling for the series?

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