Should PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ in-game UI display more information? Specifically, consumable items and grenade counters. That’s the question Bluehole’s Brendan Greene is pitching to the community in a blog post today.

A poll is included with two options. One option is to leave the UI be. No changes. This would follow a less is more approach. The devs paint this option as retaining the game’s immersion. Adding counters for healing consumables and grenades could make the UI too busy.

The second option would add a UI feature allowing players to check how many heals and grenades they have without opening the inventory screen. The argument for this, according to the devs, is that players should have all the info they need “readily available to facilitate fast decision-making and focus on tactics and combat.” It would also help newer players jump into the Battle Royale experience.

Greene stresses the poll isn’t a popularity vote. “But a means to understand the needs and desires of the community. By working together, we believe that we can build and provide a better game experience for everyone,” Greene writes.

So far, the PUBG community is responding overwhelmingly to leaving the UI alone. With more than 23,000 votes, 69% want the UI to be left alone. 31% want to see the UI expanded to display consumables and grenades.

Any change will always be met with by pushback from the community. But Bluehole could do it without making the UI too cluttered. One way would be to add grenade and consumable icons that become transparent/full depending on if you have them or not. Add them next to the gun icon and ammo counter.

The key is making the UI changes not distracting. If the devs can’t do that, then they should leave it alone.

Or, give players the options. Default with a full UI, but let us pick and choose which elements to disable.

What do you think? Add counters for healing and grenades, or leave the UI alone?

The more I think about it, a grenade indicator would be handy. I do jump to the inventory screen to see if I have grenades or to switch throwables. The problem is, how do you display three different types of grenades (smoke, flash, grenade) and five heals (painkiller, energy drink, bandage, first aid kit, med kit) without cluttering the UI? Or, do you keep it simple and display just that you have one of each category? But then we would open our inventory to see which ones we have.

We’ll see what Bluehole decides to do. I think 30% voting in favor is enough to push them towards doing it.

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