Since its founding in 2010, Playground Games has known only one franchise – Forza Horizon. Microsoft’s other Forza developer has made quite a name for themselves as racing developers. But the days of only ripping through beautiful vistas in amazing cars is coming to an end. Playground Games wants to expand beyond racing games.

Earlier this year, GameIndustry.biz first reported Playground Games was looking beyond the racing genre for one of their next games. Now, it’s being described as an “open-world action RPG.”

And Playground Games is swaying top talent to work on it. GameIndustry.biz reports senior team members from DICE, Rockstar North, and Ninja Theory have joined the team in recent months. These folks helped bring games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Star Wars: Battlefront II, GTA V, and Hellblade to life.

Playground Games also jumped on Twitter to reveal the new home their developers will work in to cook up this “AAA open-world action RPG.”

And that’s about all we know about the developer’s next project. One of the biggest questions for this game will be, is it exclusive to Xbox One? Playground Games isn’t a first-party partner. They are an independent outfit. Still, after the success of Forza Horizon – you know Microsoft will be keen on publishing whatever this “AAA open-world action RPG” turns out to be.

Is tackling a new genre a good idea?

Developers tend to stick with what they are good at. But this year proved a developer known for one genre can dive into another and create something truly special.

Guerilla Games were known for being technical wizards with their shooter franchise Killzone. The gameplay never quite matched the presentation, though. The folks behind Killzone decided they wanted to create something different. Horizon: Zero Dawn was that something different. And it paid off in a big way. Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the best games of 2017. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful game out there. And this time, the gameplay matches the stunning graphics.

Guerrilla Games shows a developer known for one genre can create a fantastic game in a completely different one. And like Guerilla Games, we know one thing for certain about Playground Games’ next title. It will be a stunner.

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