The 20th anniversary Playstation 4 console was a big hit for Sony. Everyone wanted one, but Sony made just 12,300 of the old-school looking PS4s.

How much would you pay for #1 of 12,300? An auction in Japan closed over the weekend with the final bid of 15.14 million yen. That’s about $129,000. Man, it would be nice to have money like that to blow.

“We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations,” a Sony representative told the Wall Street Journal.

The auction garnered a lot of attention from collectors and Playstation fans. Plus, it was all for a good cause. Sony will donate the $129,000 paid for the sought after PS4, and match it with another $129,000 of their own. The donations will go to the Save the Children Japan charity. Nice job, Sony.

Save the Children Japan was founded in 1986 and focuses on child protection, disaster risk reduction and making sure there are child-friendly communities in Japan. The charity works in other countries as well, especially Asian and African countries.

What about the other 12,299? Some of them have been popping up on auction sites. The website that hosted the $129,000 PS4 has other special-addition units going for around 100,000 yen or more, or about $840 dollars. That’s a bit more reasonable.

Several auctions are also up on eBay. You’re going to need about a grand if you plan on snatching one right now.

Have you ever bought a rare collectors’ item? How much did you pay for it?


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