The NPD released their latest report late yesterday and once again the Playstation 4 took the top spot.

Sony continues to gain momentum against the Xbox One in the U.S. market. For the fifth straight month, Sony has edged out Microsoft for the top spot.

Overall hardware sales jumped 95% compared to last May to $187 million. The Xbox One and PS4 were responsible for most of the growth, but the Wii U and Vita also saw sales increases year-over-year.

In fact, hardware bundles made a big splash for the Wii U and PS Vita.

“Two examples of hardware bundles that helped to drive hardware sales in May 2014 include Mario Kart 8 bundle for the Wii U, and the Borderlands 2 bundle for the PS Vita,” NPD analyst Liam Callahan said.

Mario Kart 8 was responsible for a 85% increase in Wii U hardware sales in May year-over-year. May 2013 sales were 34,000, so that puts last month’s Wii U sales at just over 60,000. I’m sure Nintendo wanted more, but they’ll take any increase they can get at this point. Mario Kart 8 was on sale for only two days in May. Let’s see if there’s any carry over when the next NPD report is released.

Software sales six-month decline was shattered thanks to big releases in May including Watch Dogs, Mario Kart 8 and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Gamers were hungry for new titles during a time of the year that is often a no-mans land for new games. Software sales jumped 57% to $274 million.

Watch Dogs garnered the top spot on the software charts followed by Mario Kart 8, MLB 14: The Show and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Minecraft continues to show off its incredible legs as it takes the number 5 spot. Titanfall’s fall continues as it slips to number 8, behind NBA 2K14.

Sony SVP of Brand Marketing Guy Longworth took the opportunity to thump his chest.

“PlayStation continues to be the best place to play for innovative IP, as PS4 was the preferred platform for May’s biggest releases, including Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein: The New Order, and held four of the top five spots for next-gen software sales. PS4 is the leading next-gen platform for sports, highlighted in May by the best-selling sports game, MLB 14: The Show.”

Playstation 4 beating out the Xbox One shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone. Microsoft announced a price cut in May that wasn’t going to take effect until early June. June NPD numbers will be the one to watch. Microsoft now has price parity with the PS4. We’ll see if they can make any dent in the lead Sony has built over the past 6 or 7 months.


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