You don’t need cooler days to tell you the holidays are approaching. No, all you need is the price cutting action. Sony is bringing its Playstation 4 down to a permanent $350 to match Xbox One’s pricing.

Why? Games. For the past two years, Playstation has been dominant, outselling its chief rival most months. You could even make the argument it doesn’t need a price cut. Then again, the two years the consoles have been out, Playstation 4 hasn’t faced a tough holiday environment.

It lacks exclusive games. Xbox One’s Halo 5: Guardians is right around the corner and is the hottest console exclusive according to Nielsen tracking. The marketing has been superb, with the #HuntTheTruth campaign and 343 Industries push to own the franchise.

That not enough? Xbox One also has the holiday-timed exclusive with the latest Tomb Raider game. Granted, it’s heading to Playstation 4, but not until next year.

What is Playstation offering that is exclusive to its platform? The Uncharted Collection, which is nothing but the first three Uncharted games remastered. Hey, I love some Nathan Drake too, but a remaster is not a system seller.

Next is an expansion of Bloodborne. I hear your screams. Bloodborne brings gaming back to the way it was. Impossibly difficult, but oh so fun at the same time. It represents pure gaming nostalgia. No hand holding you through levels.

Both games from Playstation offer plenty for the fan base, but can they move consoles like the Halo franchise? Judging by the price cut, Sony’s Playstation division knows Xbox is about to storm into the holidays with reckless abandon.

Positioning the Playstation 4 at the same price and relying on marketing deals with the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Assassin’s Creed should keep it near the top of Christmas lists.

The problem for Sony is that it has never had Master Chief. He’s not just looking for a weapon. He’s pissed and looking for a win.

It’ll be a fun holiday to watch. If you don’t own one or both of the consoles yet, be ready for the sales. With the games coming, the retailers are going to want you in the stores or on the sites. Give me some Black Friday and Cyber Monday goodness.

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