Good news if you want out of your cable subscription. Playstation VUE is rolling out its TV service across the nation. Price? How does $30 strike you?

For those lacking a Playstation – what is wrong with you – the Vue service allows you to stream live and on-demand TV over the Internet. There are a few caveats to the base price of $30.

No local channels. At least, not live local channels. The programming would follow the Hulu route and be made available the day after it airs live. Multiple fixes to this. One, buy an HD antenna. Local channels are free over-the-air. Two? Upgrade to a better package. Or, deal with the realization you never watch local news.

Sony explains local content on the new Slim package via a press release:

“Content from ABC, FOX and NBC will be available only as on-demand content in the Slim multi-channel plans. Most on-demand content will be available within 24 hours after airing. CBS live and on-demand programming will be added to select TV markets at a later date.”

Anyone else notice CBS is the biggest obstacle when it comes to alternative services? You’d think ESPN would match them in dragging their feet. Ok, you have the most old people watching the network. You won’t let Survivor go.

Seriously, it’s ok. The commercials still air. I will forever watch Vern and Gary call Alabama football games.

Playstation Vue Options

Initially offered in seven markets, the nationwide rollout hits 203 today. Slim offers up 55 channels and ditches live local channels for $30. Core Slim for $35 bumps the channel count to 70-ish thanks to the addition of regional sports networks.

Need more? The Elite Slim is for you, offering up over 100 channels of content for $45.

Not bad.

playstation vue nationwide

Vue Slings Out the Cable Box and Satellite

The alternatives for customers looking to ditch traditional TV subscriptions are growing. Sling TV is already out and starts at $20. Vue is more expensive but grabs the regional sports networks. When your favorite team isn’t on the major networks, these regional channels fill the gap.

Sling also lacks the ability to pause and rewind on most channels. Vue has a complete DVR function and offers Netflix-like profiles for the whole family. Stream to as many as five devices and even the iOS app.

It comes down to personal choice and if you can save money.

Playstation Vue Keeps the Cord

The cord-cutting headlines. Hell yeah, sticking it to Comcast, Time Warner, etc. Cut the cord and get it out of my house.


I need an Internet connection for Playstation Vue to work. Option one is DSL. I haven’t had a landline phone in years, and speeds are terrible. That leaves cable. Comcast ole buddy. I’m gonna need that cord back.

Here’s where Playstation Vue will run into problems. Single? Looking at prices in Gadsden, you can make it work for $70 per month and have HBO on the Slim package. Add the corresponding fees as you go.

Want to stream five TVs? $110 here locally for 75mbps. $160 for 150mbps.

Oh, and data caps. Can you imagine the bandwidth you’d chew through streaming five TVs at once? Makes you wonder if the cable companies aren’t sitting around plotting this out.

Go ahead and sign up. They still get to hit you with equipment fees and service charges, and we’ll blitz through the data caps.

I’m all for the options, but we aren’t cutting the cord. We are trading service for another, so we have two bills to track. You might save a few dollars, but trust me. The ISPs, cable providers and networks are still getting paid.

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