Pop-Up Bubble Bursts as Google Takes on Mobile Sites
Google targets app install pop-up ads

Hate the giant takeover app install ads on your smartphone? You’ll see fewer of them thanks to Google announcing sites would be pushed down in search results if they persisted in using the page takeover app install ads.

Don’t freak out marketers, the standard app advertisements can still be used. Hiding most of the content behind the pop-up ad with the impossibly small ‘x’ tap target will ding companies in the search results.

Except, of course, Google. Oh, wait. Yelp thought Google would have to conform too? Yeah, notice the key word here – Google. The company is going to do what it wants. We are the minnows in its big ass pond.

In a blog post on its Webmaster Central Blog, Googler Daniel Bathgate, explained the move:

“Our analysis shows that it is not a good search experience and can be frustrating for users because they are expecting to see the content of the web page.”

You think? How about hitting publishers using ad networks that toss me into the App Store. I rather try to hit ‘x’ on the pop-up then deal with that atrocity.

Google is Serious About App Pop-Ups

Before you shrug off the latest Google missive as being just one of a couple hundred ranking factors, the company is pulling out the big guns. From now until November 1, if companies and websites running tests in the Google Search Console for mobile-friendliness, it will warn sites using the ads.

After November 1? Sites that don’t conform will no longer be considered ‘mobile-friendly.’ Yeah, companies can complain, but you don’t want to lose that designation. We are a mobile world now.

Want to see a ‘do as I say, not as a I do’ in action? Here’s Google:

Will they change to show they are in it with publishers? I doubt it, and I think algorithmically, this will shake out to sites that serve better as apps will be given a pass. Sites that have apps for companion marketing? I’d get to work on something that conforms with Google’s new ranking factor.

Besides, who the hell wants to use Gmail on mobile web? Or maps? It’ll roll out, everyone will scream mobilegeddon part two and us readers won’t have to deal with the giant ass ads everywhere.

Standard app install ads are fine. Google is not targeting exit-intent pop-ups. And just maybe mobile Safari won’t crash every 20 seconds.


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