Bill Blass, the American fashion designer said it best. Red is the best cure for sadness. Now it is being co opted to raise awareness among women. For women’s heart health.

You are not imagining things today. Women are wearing a lot of red and taking plenty of selfies. This marks the 12th Annual Wear Red Day. It takes place on the first Friday of every February.

One in three women die of heart disease, so the awareness is important. It’s a major killer, but does not get the coverage it deserves. The American Heart Association started the day to change the tone of the conversation.

“It’s not just a man’s disease,” the American Heart Association says on its Go Red For Women page. According to the CDC, heart disease kills 422,000 people annually but can be prevented.

Lifestyle changes are important. Eating right, quitting smoking and exercise are important. The money saved from not smoking could fill a wardrobe just for this day.

An important note from the AMA and CDC is the difference in symptoms. A heart attack may present differently than what we are used to hearing about. Not all women will experience chest pain. Instead, fatigue, jaw pain and nausea can be the symptoms that present.

If you experience any of those symptoms that cannot be explained away by another diagnosed illness, please see your doctor right away. It may be an inconvenience, but it’s better to know. Your family and friends want to see you rocking red every year.

Bill Blass had it right. Wearing red can bring smiles. And today, it can bring awarness.

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