Sorry Folgers, dental hygiene comes first, and it’s minty fresh. Can you say that about your milkshake you claim is your morning coffee? Bacon was infused in toothpaste; it was only logical caffeine was next. I’m not sure if that’s my inner Spock talking or the toothpaste…

Dan Meropol is the madman behind Power Toothpaste, the world’s first caffeine-infused toothpaste. You’re crazy Dan, but I love it. Hate mornings or did you luck out by accidentally on purpose buying a cloud for a mattress (damn thing is too comfortable)? No worries, because you don’t have to wait for your coffee to brew or venture out into the urban jungle for Starbucks.

Nah, head to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Dentists everywhere are facepalming at the simplicity. Easy fellas, I didn’t say I was gonna floss. That’s your job.

Regular coffee takes 30-45 minutes to get the caffeine into our system. Add in the time it takes to make or drive to Starbucks and the day just became a Monday. Instead, grab a tube and brush. The caffeine in the Power Toothpaste goes to work before you’re even done brushing.

Oh, and it cleans your teeth too. That’s important. Sorry, I got sidetracked with the idea this sounds like we are doing the equivalent of lines with toothpaste. Each tube fights tartar and plaque like the leading brands. It also whitens your teeth, battling those built-up coffee stains.

Makes people want to brush their teeth and saves money on coffee? Win-win people.

Before you start wondering if you can eat the toothpaste, that answer is no. Power isn’t the equivalent of Jolt in toothpaste form. You get a subtle buzz without the crash. Dan, please don’t five-hour energy this. I can’t take those commercials.

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Power Toothpaste Versus Coffee

Each tube is good for around 90 brushes. One two-minute brush equals the same punch as your standard cup of coffee. Oh yeah, value proposition time. Dan hit me with that money saving goodness while poking at Starbucks.

One tube of Power sets you back $15. 90 cups of coffee at Starbucks? $260. I may be from Alabama, but the numbers seem stacked in favor of Power. And your teeth are brushed. Go ahead, get the Alabama and no teeth joke out of your system. Better?

Before you think Power is aiming to replace coffee, let’s put the worries to bed. The team loves coffee as much as you do. Even the three triple shot espressos you downed in the past hour.

Power toothpaste on display

The Power team put out a series of videos of people trying the toothpaste for the first time:


Besides caffeine, each tube contains what you’d normally find in a major brand of toothpaste: Glycerin, sorbitol, silica, water, caffeine, xylitol, calcium carbonate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, flavor, titanium dioxide, xanthan gum, menthol, citric acid, sodium citrate, and sodium laurel sulfate.

A pea-sized amount of Power includes around 80 mg caffeine.

Power Toothpaste Indiegogo

In eight days, the campaign has racked up nearly $19,000 in funding. The company is looking at a goal of $42,500 in the next 23 days. Pricing is set at $25 per tube of Power, with a five-pack bundle on sale for $49.

Want a sample now? A 10-pack for $99 will get you a travel-sized tube of Power at the end of the campaign.

Proof the founders use their own product a bit too much? The $1,000,000 galactic package. Brush your teeth in space with the team. This is dependent on SpaceX or Richard Branson making space tourism viable, so delivery is a bit iffy there. Oh, and you get 10,000 tubes of Power. I’m almost certain that nets you a reality show on TLC or Discovery.

Ship dates for tubes of Power are set for April – a month or so after the Indiegogo campaign ends.

I think I need a sample. Minty fresh kick with a morning Adderall? I could remodel the house…


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