One investment analyst believes Sony could soon start selling Playstation 4s with digital copies of Activision titles already loaded onto them.

Baird analyst Colin Sebastian talked about the possibility in a note to investors summing up E3.

“One point of interest from our conversations at the show is the possibility that Sony may preload digital copies of Destiny and Diablo on all PS4 consoles beginning this fall (users still can choose whether to purchase), which should drive higher sell-through for Activision, but at the cost of retail sales,” Sebastian writes in an investor note.

As Sebastian notes, you would still need to purchase the game before being able to use it. The titles would be loaded on the hard drive, and then purchasing it would unlock it.

There’s some positives and negatives to this possibility. First the positives. Preloaded systems would be great for those of you with slow internet or data caps. With games clocking in at dozens of gigs now, going through a 200 GB cap wouldn’t take too long if you go digital.

There’s also positives for the publisher. Activision would retain you as an owner of their game. The digital copy prevents you from trading it in, and gives the publisher a better chance at converting you into a DLC, season pass consumer.

The only negative really is for the consumer who doesn’t want the game that is preloaded onto the console. This isn’t exactly bloatware typically seen on computers. Don’t want the game? Just delete it off the hard drive.

The positives far outweigh the negatives here. Preloading some of the year’s biggest titles would help a lot of people out when it comes to data caps. And, if you want retail copies, you can still go that route.

What do you think? Would you be interested in preloaded games on new PS4s, or would you continue to buy physical copies?


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