Well, at least CNN will have something to do for the Fourth of July. We can’t have cable news networks with nothing to do. Hurricane Arthur is slowly making its way towards North Carolina, and the official tracks are having the storm come closer to North Carolina.

Some model guidance has the storm hitting North Carolina directly versus a glancing blow. That has emergency responders and the governor urging people to not put on their ‘stupid hat’. Basically, don’t go swimming in the ocean when there are extremely strong rip currents. Common sense stuff.

Hatteras Island is under a mandatory evacuation, and Ocracoke Island has a voluntary evacuation order in place. Storm surge predictions are at four feet with large wave action on top of it. Rainfall looks to be a big problem from the storm, with four inches predicted.

Fourth of July celebrations are being canceled up and down the coast of North Carolina. The towns are quick to point out that the hurricane’s effects will be short-lived so they are urging tourists to stick to their plans.

The overriding message for tourists is to stay out of the water until the storm has passed. The rip currents will be the biggest threat to life.

One bonus of the whole situation is that we will get to see the TV weather people acting like morons. They should do prop bets on which network physically ties their anchor to a light pole to ride it out.

So, as we get closer to the storm impacting land, expect the wall-to-wall coverage to ramp up. Also, can we quit acting like World War Z on grocery stores? Seriously, how do you not have hurricane supplies at this point?

For the latest updates on Arthur, follow the Weather Channel or the multitude of blogs.


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