How many times have you read the packaging and it says, ‘just add water?’ Hundreds, right? Now, how many times have you read the same when talking about your phone?

Exactly. The total comes somewhere between ‘are you nuts’ and zero. Until Stower decided to come along and change the game. Already having perfected the FlameStower, the company has moved on to the Candle Charger.

It’s the latest Kickstarter campaign that aims to make charging your smartphones and other devices easier and without an electrical outlet.

Candle Charger is what preppers have been clamoring for. Here are the basics. You’ve seen a basic survival stove complete with the candle as a heating source. It’s the same setup here but adds the ability to charge a smartphone.

It works as a 2.5W USB charger. You won’t be firing up household appliances with it, but you can damn sure make a call when you need to. Or Netflix. Let’s be honest. We were all thinking it. Just need the LTE to stay up.

Here’s how the Candle Charger works:

You take the Candle Charger and place it on the stand, fill it with water and light the candle. Plug in your device and you’re good to go. The candles Stower sells last for about six hours, so you get enough juice for two complete iPhone charges.

candle charger for preppers

It’s perfect for blackouts. I’ll admit to draining an iPhone, and then a thunderstorm creeps up and knocks the power out. Welcome to rural Alabama. If we’re the only area with a power outage, we can be back online pretty quickly. Snowmageddon? Yeah, we’re SOL.

Other portable chargers suffer from the human factor of you forgot to recharge it the last time you used it. Hand cranking? Yeah, that’s work. Solar? Hmm, not happening during a storm or at night. Power out because of a blizzard? I’m not going outside in that.

A nice bonus? The water you are using to help charge your phone is being sterilized, so break out the coffee or tea. The sterilization rate is about 1L per hour, so if the world just went to hell, you have clean water.

It’s a damn cool product. The best part is it can be used indoors and out.

The Kickstarter campaign has an early bird price of $65, limited to 800 orders. After that, it jumps to $75 for a charger. $125 will get you the Stower Power Outage Package. Delivery timeframes are set for December. Hey, perfect timing for the Polar Vortex and the Weather Channel annoying us by naming every damn snowstorm.

If there was ever a Kickstarter project that belonged in your preparedness kit, it’s this one. The Candle Charger is simple, can be used indoors and all you need is water and a candle.

It is the prepper’s dream accessory. Ok, maybe after the basement of food. But let’s work off the assumption we aren’t going Mad Max anytime soon, and you really want to watch Netflix after a storm barrels through.

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