Mick Gordon helped DOOM grab a DICE Award for Original Music Composition. He’s back in space with Bethesda again in Prey. Gordon is going from the in your face, visceral music of DOOM to something a little different with Prey. A psychological thriller needs a different tone, and today Bethesda is giving us a teaser of the intro credit song. It’s called “Everything is Going to be OK,” and it’s not. Aliens are trying to kill you and you can turn into a coffee cup.

Damn, Mick Gordon can do no wrong. I’m digging it.

With Prey, Gordon is embracing ambient arpeggiated guitars and synth beats.

Prey’s Creative Director Raphael Colantonio talks about what he was looking for in the intro credit music.

“I wanted something that sounded like ‘I’m the coolest person on Earth right now. Look at me, I’m a badass,’” says Colantonio. “The inspiration was ’80s Italian disco, like a lot of French DJs have been doing for some time now: Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Justice, etc. I also wanted the music to contrast with the rest of the music in the game. It’s this big blue sky, a beautiful view of the city in a luxury helicopter, a position of power… versus being trapped in space, alone, vulnerable and just trying to survive.”

“So we talked with Mick about the mood of the game, the fact that it’s in space, and my desire to see some of those arpeggios. Mick came back to me two weeks later with a short test that I really loved. It featured arpeggios that sounded a bit like some of those Sergio Leone Western movies – albeit a more melancholic version – mixed with some ’80s style synths. The mix was so unique and so adapted to the mood we wanted to convey that it immediately felt like the right direction. I jokingly called the style ‘Western in space,’ and then we used that term as a filter for all of the future music Mick did for Prey.”

Bethesda hasn’t let us down with a single-player focused first-person game in a while. Hell, I can’t think of a bad one in the past few years. All of them have been fantastic. And with Mick Gordon taking care of music? At the very least, it’s going to sound incredible. Good luck topping your work on DOOM.

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