The Australian YouTube sensation, Primitive Technology, is back and ready to teach us the way of the world if it all goes to hell and we start living a Mad Max existence. Me? I prefer to keep complaining about what is or isn’t going to be in the next iPhone. Not making a welcome mat from tree bark.

It doesn’t make it any less cool, though. The survival series has given us everything we would need to survive if the shit did hit the fan and we are left with nothing. His latest installment is about making a loom and obtaining fabric from a felled tree in the outback.

Damn, talk about making you appreciate your Amazon Prime subscription. In the description, he describes the final product:

The result was a rough material about as stiff as a welcome mat. So at this stage, I’m using them as mats. In the future, I will investigate finer fibres, such as those from banana stalks, as a possible material for cloth. They take more processing but produce a finer product. I may also make a permanent, portable loom that can be taken indoors when it rains.

Primitive Technology youtube survival series

Right on brother.

The YouTube series has been a smash hit, thanks to the no-talk, actionable tutorials on the most primitive of survival skills. Need a bow and arrow?

Making charcoal, a cord drill and even a thatched mud hut are broken down via his videos. He’s like Bear Grylls except he’s not crawling into a sheep carcass for shelter. Or eating a candy bar when he’s out of frame.

He probably is eating a Snickers out of frame, but if the world goes to hell, I’m finding this guy.

Check out his channel for more survival videos and his Patreon account if you want to support his future videos.

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