Tired of building social campaigns to bring awareness to your app? Soon, you can just throw money at it. Over the next few weeks, some users will start seeing ads from a pilot group of advertisers already using Google search ads for their apps.

In a blog post, Google Play’s Michael Siliski (Product Management Director) writes, “Search ads on Google Play will enable developers to drive more awareness of their apps and provide consumers new ways to discover apps that they otherwise might have missed.”

Oh, and Google gets to make some money too.

The sponsored result will appear with a tiny yellow box beside it saying ‘Ad.’ Say you are looking for a coupon app. The first app will be the sponsored result. Check out the image below to see how it will look.

sponsored results google play

It’s a smart business move for Google. They get to potentially open a new ad vertical, while app developers can get quick exposure. But, it will hurt small developers. Not everyone has the deep pockets to throw at advertising. Don’t be surprised to see the sponsored results dominated by companies with money to blow. For smaller developers? The fight to get noticed looks like it’s about to get tougher.

Details are a bit sparse right now. Maybe, Google has already addressed these potential concerns from smaller developers. We’ll see in the coming weeks and months.

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