After being pulled from store shelves due to a hardware glitch, the Nest Protect has made its return to stores. With one feature missing. The Wave feature, which allowed users to wave at the device to turn it off has been disabled. In testing, it was discovered that under the right set of circumstances, the wave feature could deactivate the device in the event of a fire. Not exactly living up to its name, Protect.

No incidents were reported with the glitch, but the company decided to pull the product to fix the issue. While the team is still working on a fix, the Nest Protect is going on sale with a $30 discount. You can outfit your home with the devices for $99 per device. The Wave feature has been disabled by default.

With the smart appliance being connected to wi-fi, the team at Nest can push out a software update without the need for additional hardware recalls or purchases. While it was a bit of a black eye for the company, the connectivity shows the promise of smart home appliances. Users can have software updates automatically pushed to the device.

The ability to fix problems on the fly without a recall shows the promise of wi-fi connected devices.

“Because Nest Protect is connected to Wi-Fi we are able to make software updates to the product without needing new hardware. “The products being sold as of last night [Monday] will have Nest Wave disabled.”

With the relaunch of Nest Protect, the company put out a blog post detailing rather stunning statistics regarding carbon monoxide events in homes. Between November 2013 and May 2014, 0.15 percent of homes had a carbon monoxide event. With those types of statistics, the $99 Nest Protect looks like a must have. And for a limited time, you get the device for $99, a $30 discount off the original hardware.

A small price to pay to avoid becoming a statistic. Plus, the Wave update is free once the team figures out a fix that gets around the ‘perfect scenario’ in which the device could be inadvertently turned off.


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