A non over-the-top skiing game. Powered by the CryEngine. What’s not to love? The new SNOW PS4 announcement trailer is out, and the game looks great. It’s like the X-Games without me ending up in the hospital after hitting the bunny slope.

The big selling point of SNOW? It’s free-to-play and completely open world. Want to change the course you’re on? You have the ability to add rails, jumps and other features anywhere on the mountain.

The game offers free riding and freestyle events. You can compete alone or against your friends. Winter sports fans will recognize the gear in the game as you outfit your player with the latest and greatest. Something tells me that’s where the microtransaction economy will come in on the PS4.

The game isn’t going to shatter the world with stellar graphics, but a fun, free-to-play winter sports title is something most PS4 owners will have no problem picking up.

Oh, and if free-to-play doesn’t sell you, the company is at Gamescom demoing the title using Oculus. VR skiing. Your knees will thank you as you age.

To get more information on the game, head over to their site. For the announcement trailer, it’s embedded below.


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