I started my Bloodborne playthrough last night and it wasn’t pretty. But, tomorrow’s PS4 update might make it a lot easier. Suspend/Resume is finally here.

Don’t know what it is? You can jump in right back to your paused game from Rest Mode to powered-up mode by pressing the PS button. A handy feature if you need to take a break from Bloodborne for a bit. This feature has been promised since before the PS4 even launched. 18 months later and it’s finally here.

Suspend/Resume is the highlight for most PS4 owners, but the update doesn’t stop there.

You can now backup and restore your hard drive data to an external USB drive. Handy for making sure you have a copy of your save files, video clips and more.

Another big feature? Customized button assignments for your controller. Games that support 60fps will now work on Remote Play and Share Play. Automatic installation for future system software updates is also coming. Thank god. Nothing worse than sitting down for some quality game time only to have to download an update.

Some improvements have been made to the Friend List as well. Friend and real name requests can be sent in one step. Creating a party will take fewer steps and you can join friends directly from the news feed.

Sony is pushing a bunch of ‘quality of life improvements’ in this new update. Suspend/Resume is the highlight, but these other updates are much needed ones too.

You can check out the rest of the updates here. Oh, and how’s your Bloodborne run going?

Also, what other features would you like to see Sony bring to the PS4? Let me know in the comments below.


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